Dongle - Internet On The Go Posted on July 4th, 2013

Technology has brought us to an era where staying connected is the new buzz in town. From social media, photo or video sharing to following someone, everything is the result of unfathomable world of World Wide Web. As we are delving deep into the technological world everything is taking a virtual meaning. Being social is now meant being online... read more

4G Wireless: An Acronym of Magic Multimedia Posted on June 14th, 2013

Just close your eyes and think what could have happened if Graham Bell would not have invented phone. And quite interestingly, we are talking about 4G wireless communications. Thanks to Graham Bell. We cannot just think of our life without our tiny handsets. Technology has played a vital role to change the overall pattern of our life. With new... read more

Must Have Mobile Accessories Posted on May 10th, 2013

Your mobile phone is probably one of your most prized possessions that you keep with you all day long, no matter what you are doing and where you are. Whether you are on the bus, in a classroom, at work, off to a friend’s place or in your bed, you will have your mobile phone pocketed. Your phone offers you a lot of functionality and easi... read more

Wireless Communication - VoIP & Video Conference Posted on April 15th, 2013

When it is about wireless technology people usually believe it is about mobile phones or wireless internet only, where in fact, it involves a lot more than just this; the next generation devices and systems are aimed at integrating all the telecommunication functions into one small device. So, whether it is your phone, television, printers, c... read more

Age of High Speed Wireless Technology Posted on March 26th, 2013

Humans are known for their progressing nature. They have always wanted things that are better than their current things. Communication has always played a very important role in the life of human beings. It is the basic necessity of a person; it is on the instinctual level. But as society grew so did the distance in the homes of people and t... read more

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